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Experience the Magic of Lapland

Do you want to work in the middle of the world’s most unique nature, under thousands of dancing Northern Lights? There is a special kind of magic in Lapland that cannot be described in words alone. Come to work for winter season and experience it all!

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We are looking for true professionals to work in Lapland for the upcoming winter season.

If you want to experience something unique and mystical, Lapland is the right place for you. Lapland is exceptional: geographically, spiritually and any other way you can imagine.

In Lapland clean and pure nature provides positive life experiences, lots of work and people with good attitude and wellness. The natural resources are the basis for the region’s livelihood, industry and business. Above the Arctic Circle the communal atmosphere, efficiency and hospitality are local strengths. All these together create a singular whole.

Lapland’s mystical nature and the environment along with Lappish diligence can be seen in many ways. It is especially visible in the high quality of products and services available. Lapland is well-known for its originality skills and strong Lappish attitude. Lapland is also the cleanest part of Europe with the purest air and cleanest wild food such as reindeer, game, fish, berries and mushrooms.

The heart of mystical nature can always be found from Lapland. Even though the world would be changing, the Aurora Borealis, stars in the sky, midnight sun and the polar night remain the same. Witnessing the magical Northern Lights dancing up above is once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. Why wouldn’t you be part of creating magical experiences in Lapland?

Fill the application now and soon you might be part of creating the unforgettable moments in magical Lapland!

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Rovaniemi | Levi | Ruka | Ylläs | Pyhä | Saariselkä | Luosto | Olos



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