Opteam is an expert in the evolving field of employment. We offer innovative and efficient solutions based on our strong expertise within the field of personnel management.

Captol Invest


We need a training partner that offers distinct methods and tools for personnel development and maintaining well-being at work. Can you help? 

Yes. Together with our experienced HR specialists and coaches we offer training based on the international Insights Discovery development system. The programme helps individuals, teams and organisations to improve and utilise their individual and team working skills, strengths and time management. Managers and supervisors will learn how to distinguish the potential in employees and how to lead teams more successfully. The multifaceted Insights Discovery method can also be used by sales staff.

Kalevala Koru


“We need a partner to perform psychological aptitude assessments and provide data to assist us in recruitment decisions. Can you help?”

Yes. We run an assessment day for applicants involved in the final stages of a recruitment process, assessing them by several psychological methods and cross-referencing the findings with job requirements and key success factors. We then provide company representatives and candidates with feedback and a recommendation for selection.

Kevitsa Mining

Referenssi: Kevitsa

“We need almost 300 mining specialists for over 20 years of permanent employment right in the heart of Lapland. Can you help?”

Yes. We have the experience in organising major projects and the ability to recruit specialists and skilled workers throughout Finland. We will set up a new local office near the client and most of the jobseekers. Marketing of vacancies will emphasise the opportunity of jobseekers to enjoy the unique natural surroundings of Lapland. Applicants required to work in demanding conditions will undergo aptitude assessments at the shortlisting and selection stages.

Sokotel Oy

Referenssi: Sokotel

“There is a serious shortage of professional chefs, so we need an entirely new solution in recruitment. Can you help?”

Yes. We recruit chefs from the Philippines following customised vocational skills tests and training in the basic vocabulary of kitchen and cooking work. We also ensure satisfactory skills and level of motivation before departure. We thoroughly familiarise candidates with their future working duties and the practical aspects of life in Finland. We can make any necessary arrangements concerning residence permits for employment, employment contracts, travel guidance, accommodation, and interaction with public authorities. We also maintain regular contact with recruits after arrival.

Tampere catering company

Referenssi: Tampereen Ateria

“We need skilled and conscientious workers who can work on a highly flexible basis. Can you help?”

Yes. The solution is Opteam Nestor, a temporary staffing service for seniors. Our Nestors are a unique, motivated and immediately available group of professionals who can respond to a flexible need of employees. Nestors are interested in precisely those projects, temporary jobs and peak periods that are not suited for young adults searching regular work. This also enables Nestors to supplement their pension income and remain actively involved in a lively workplace.

Porin Ässät Ice Hockey Club

Referenssi: Porin Ässät

“Our team needs a coaching method that will find a role for each member’s personality. Can you help?”

Yes. We bring sports teams and companies together using Insights Discovery, a coaching method for interaction skills used in more than 30 countries. This has worked wonders for sports teams, and for companies and organisations of all sizes. The coaching programme helps people to understand the personality of a team player and improves the way an entire team interacts.


Referenssi: Normek

“Our order book has grown so rapidly that we must now recruit welders from abroad. Can you help?”

Yes. Our office in Poland recruits the best welders locally for jobs in Finland. There are many accredited welders in Poland who are currently seeking work. We attend to the recruitment process and assist employees in discharging various bureaucratic requirements and interacting with public authorities using interpreters where necessary. Our Polish welders have proven highly professional and motivated.

Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

Referenssi: HUS

“We need a recruitment concept that responds to the shortage of nurses that threatens the ageing population of Finland. Can you help?”

Yes. Our international recruitment concept provides pre-departure coaching in language skills, cultural competence and vocational life. We recruit first class nurses from the Philippines, where our local office and a carefully selected network of partners ensure that recruits possess the right skills, and that the process is ethically sound. Our Opteam Global recruitment concept can help to ensure the availability of nursing staff when the labour shortage worsens.

Helsinki Co-operative Society (Elanto)

Referenssi: HOK-Elanto

“We need hundreds of part-time cashiers to provide cover for permanent staff during holidays, sick leave and other absences. Can you help?”

Yes. We continually recruit and train part-time cashiers, arranging a Retail Pass course that reviews various customer service situations and provides practical training in the use of cash register systems. Our systematic recruitment and training processes enable us to recruit personnel in large numbers.

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