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A new direction for working life

The world of work is changing rapidly and no longer meaning the same for everyone. Some people are seeking a steady career progression, permanent employment and solid professional skills in the field of their choice. Others want to slog away to fund that next surfing holiday or find work that accommodates the demands of family or studies. It takes all sorts. The most important thing is to achieve a balance between life and work.

Opteam offers a range of work options. Temporary work is convenient when opting for harmonising work with the demands of a personal life, or to gain experience and skills working in various companies. We also serve our clients by directly recruiting skilled staff for permanent and temporary positions. With us you can boost your skills through a wide range of training courses.


Temporary work with Opteam

Working with us as a temporary agency employee begins with a thorough induction: practical guidelines on offering and accepting shift work, notifying working hours, work attire, and procedures in case of illness. Every employee receives a start-up pack of useful information on terms of employment and general practices at Opteam.

Opteam employees access our Extranet to book periods of availability for work and to indicate the desire for additional work. You may also check your completed working periods that have been recorded in the system.

As a temporary employee, your terms and conditions of employment will depend on the contract. The contract of employment is either one made by the temporary employer, or in case this is not available, a collective agreement will apply. In the latter case the same employment contract, which is applied to the other employees of the temporary employer, will be used. This means that conditions regulating working hours, pay, breaks, allowances, bonuses, benefits, local sick leave arrangements and other employee benefits based on the collective agreement will apply to employees of the company and to temporary staff. Terms and conditions of employment will generally diverge when temporary staff and company employees work under different collective agreements.

Any terms and conditions of employment that are not bound by the collective agreement will be specially agreed on with the employer, and may also differ from those of regular company employees. These kinds of terms and conditions may include certain benefits related to meals, use of a telephone and so on.

Opteam holds an authorisation ensuring that staff hiring is always based on practices that are fair to both the employee and the user company.


Training opportunities

We provide retail and service industry training courses to help you expand your knowledge and skills, and to get the right job quickly. The Top Waiter course and various sales and beverage courses are some of our most popular training courses. We can also arrange for you to take more demanding tests and acquire certification in various sectors, including qualifications such as the hygiene pass, retail pass, alcohol serving pass and age limit pass.


 working with Opteam