We provide training courses in the retail and service industry, enabling you to increase your skills and get the right sort of work quickly with no previous experience. Details of these courses are available at your nearest Opteam office.



Our Top Waiter course is for everyone with an interest and aptitude for catering, allowing anyone to become a waiter with no previous experience. We also provide various training courses for more experienced floor staff in serving beer, wine and coffee, bartending, taking orders and selecting dishes.

The Top Waiter course has two parts. The first two days teaches the basics of waiting, customer service, regulations governing the sale of alcohol, and the right choices of wine with food. On the third day you will learn sales techniques to complete some of the practical aspects of being a waiter.

The Alcohol Serving Pass is a certificate of skills and expertise in alcohol serving regulations for employees working in responsible positions in the catering industry. You will need this pass and two years of work experience to serve alcohol in a restaurant or pub. The qualification may be completed at any appropriate vocational institution.

The Hygiene Proficiency Certificate is a requirement for employees handling fresh perishable food that spoils easily. This qualification must be completed no later than three months after starting work. We provide additional details on the skills test, which requires no special courses.

You can prepare for the tests through independent studies. Relevant materials are available, for example, on the websites of the Finnish Food Safety Authority and the Finnish National Board of Education.



Our customised retail training day provides a golden opportunity to learn more about customer service and cash register work. The Retail Pass is a certificate in skills that are very much in demand, with plenty of vacancies out there waiting to be filled. The course reviews various customer service situations and includes practical training sessions in using a cash register.

Retail Pass courses are currently available only in the Helsinki area. Candidates selected for this course are bright, enthusiastic, and keen to learn about retail and sales to become the specialists of tomorrow. Further details are available at your nearest Opteam agency.

We also provide training courses in working at a service counter and at ABC service stations, and we arrange in-house courses for employees working at Sokos department stores and the Emotion store chain.

The Age Limit Pass training course is part of self-monitoring grocery store product sales that are governed by age limits in Finland. This course is arranged for cashiers in shops. Online learning materials are available for independent study and the test can be taken at Opteam.

We also provide opportunities to complete the Veikkaus training course for work in betting and lottery sales.



Opteam will help you qualify for an Occupational Safety Card and a Hot Work Licence.