Personal assessment

The content of an aptitude assessment day and the use of assessment methods will depend on the vacancy to be filled, the requirements of the job description, and predetermined evaluation criteria.

It is neither necessary nor really possible to prepare for an assessment day. A good night’s sleep and a relaxed mood are the best guarantees of success – just be yourself. You may call attention to any aspects that you think may adversely affect your concentration and performance at the interview. You will be contacted by telephone before the assessment day and advised whether you need to complete any preparations in advance. You will also be informed about the agenda for the day and any practical arrangements.

An assessment day may involve an individual or a group test, generally taking between four to six hours. A link will be emailed to you in advance concerning any tasks to be completed, self-assessment questionnaires, and so on. The main focus on the day will be an interview with a psychologist and various assessments of ability, working style, motivation and personality, depending on the position to be filled. There may also be group work, tasks involving the use of materials, and work situation simulations. The testing methods are scientifically assessed by qualified psychologists.

The written report of the assessment will reflect an interpretation of your performance using relevant assessment methods, prioritising such aspects as leadership and management qualities, problem-solving and decision-making skills, ability to co-operate and so on, depending on the vacancy concerned. The candidate’s training, education, work experience and former career are an important part of the assessment. Candidates then receive a written report, and may also have an opportunity to review the findings with a specialist. The assessment thereby becomes a resource for the early stages of employment that improves self-knowledge and helps in career planning.

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