Open application

You can submit an open application specifying your know-how, skills and the sort of work that you are looking for. The more precise you are, the easier it will be for us to help.


Jelpp for your job search

As a result of the merger between Opteam and Barona, we integrated our recruitment processes by switching to our shared recruitment system Jelpp.

As a jobseeker, you will benefit from this through a wider range of opportunities and more efficient job-seeking. By simply signing up and submitting an open application, you will be one step closer to jobs offered by both Opteam and Barona. And there are plenty on offer; thousands of skilled workers are recruited to fill positions through us yearly.

What this means in practice?

  • You find all Opteam and Barona vacancies at the address
  • If you have applied for a position offered by Barona or registered as a jobseeker at Barona, you most likely already have an account in Jelpp. You can also apply for Opteam jobs with the same account.
  • The new system is only used to apply for positions and to submit an open application. Matters related to employment and shifts are handled in our Extranet as before.


Why register to Jelpp?

  • After registering, you will be able to target your application to vacancies you are interested in, instead of always starting the application from scratch for each open position.
  • From now on, both Opteam and Barona recruiters will be handling all open applications. In other words, you will be included in all our searches with a single application.
  • We are constantly seeking skilled workers for both permanent and fixed-term positions at our customers in all industries, all across Finland.

In addition to submitting an open application, we recommend that you target your job search to the Opteam and Barona positions that interest you.