The world of work is changing dramatically. The classic idea of employment is increasingly giving way to the notion of maintaining a balance between life and work. Recruitment is plagued by an uneven need for labour, retirement of the baby boom generation, and a serious shortage of professional and skilled workers. The rapid pace of change has created new kinds of needs for services and innovative approaches. The world of work needs new solutions that respond to labour shortage and challenges in demographic and cultural changes.

Opteam is a recruitment professional that strives to reform the world of work in a responsible way through meeting the needs of a changing world. Our business priorities include acquiring skilled employees, maintaining vocational skill levels, and implementing solutions that improve wellbeing at work. We base our approach on an innovative and unbiased attitude to solving problems, expertise in the HR sector and a solid appreciation of the job market in various industries.

We are a nationwide chain that operates locally, with a firm foothold in Finland, Poland, Slovakia and the Philippines. We have a comprehensive nationwide network of offices with an in-depth appreciation of local business life and knowledge of the job market. We are affiliated to the Private Employment Agencies Association (HPL), the Corporate Responsibility Network (FIBS) and the Finnish Diversity Network. Our company also holds a Fair Agency Work authorisation ensuring that staff hiring is always based on practices that are fair from the point of view of employees and user companies.

Opteam is a member of the community of brave companies, Barona Group.


Adherence to ethical principles is a fundamental value of our business service charter. Accountability informs everything that we do and is an important part of our corporate identity. Social responsibility has assumed an even greater role as our operating environment becomes increasingly global, because foreign employees have a greater need than local personnel for accurate information from their employers concerning such topics as labour legislation and work culture in Finland. For example, we have prepared a comprehensive induction pack to ensure that foreign employees have all of the information that they need to work in Finland and that they understand the rules that govern working life in Finland. All of this information is provided in the employee’s native language.

We demonstrate social responsibility as an employer in our daily routines and by taking a pro-active approach to enhancing life at work and eliminating anomalies. This also involves encouraging people and organisations to behave responsibly.

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We develop and implement bold, open-minded and novel solutions that meet the changing needs of the world of work. We pioneer in forecasting changes within operational conditions.


We are open, honest and ethical. Clients and employees are our partners, and we listen carefully to their needs. We are guided by a sense of social responsibility and stand up for fairness and diversity.


We are committed, hard-working and flexible.
 We seize opportunities and are always on the lookout for new ventures. Our enthusiasm and expertise are also visible to outsiders.


We deliver added value for our clients, employees and our company. We are productive, specialised and quick to act. Success and achievement inform everything we do.

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We are a member of Barona Group, the community of brave companies.


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